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Massage and Body Spa

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Using natural essential oils, we apply gentle Swedish massage techniques to help induce you to relaxation, sooth fatigued muscles, and escape from hectic day-to-day life.

Wellness Back, neck and shoulder massage $73
30 mins

Wellness full body massage $106
60 mins

Couples wellness back, neck and shoulder massage 
Couples wellness full body massage, call to book. 
Share the experience with your loved one or friend in our couples treatment room. 

Indian head massage $60
A beautifully relaxing massage that targets all places we hold the most tension. 
25 mins

Hot stone massage $131
Let smooth, water-heated stones melt away your tension. Promotes deeper muscle relaxation and rebalances your energy flow. 
75 mins

Body Spa

Pevonia salt glow $70
Aromatherapy Salt Glow. Restore your skin's radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, and Lavender. As these delightful aromas entice your senses, your body is gently polished, rendering your skin silky-smooth and mineralized. 
35 mins

Algae wrap $135
Starting with our silky skin exfoliation, your body will then be immersed in the detoxifying algae, which aids in slimming by increasing your metabolism and breaking down fat as a diuretic. Whilst safely cocooned in your wrap, you can enjoy a scalp and foot massage as the algae does its work. After a warm shower, soothing balms are applied to your skin to complete the treatment. 
75 mins
De-ageing body wrap $141
Counteract premature ageing and sun damage by receiving the wrinkle-smoothing & rejuvenating benefits of this wrap. Starting with the exfoliating salt mousse glow, your skin is then drenched with a papaya wrap and treated with enriching body balms. Whilst safely cocooned in your wrap, you can enjoy a scalp and foot massage. This exquisite tropical wrap leaves you feeling enriched and refreshed.
​75 mins 

Spa Escape package $120
Combining a back, neck and shoulder massage with an Indian head massage - basically, bliss. 
55 minutes 

Body Spa ritual package $220
Combining the Pevonia full body exfoliation, algae body wrap and completing with the wellness full body massage. 
135 mins 

Mini head to toe $123
A 30 minute wellness back, neck and shoulder massage followed by the juice taster facial

     Head to toe  $209
A wellness full body massage followed by the juice Immersion facial.

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