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Welcome to SOL 

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Welcome to SOL

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Comfortably nestled by Adelaide’s beautiful Henley Beach, we are your friendly community salon with a passion for beauty and wellbeing.


Not only do our amazing customers come to us for professional beauty services, but also to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life to their own luxurious oasis. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, whilst offering you expert treatments. And, of course, we only use the best ethically-sourced products – we’re kind to the environment as well as our customers!

Our Treatments

Although we’re a small team here at Sol, we have years of experience in beauty therapy. Therefore, we offer a wide range of soothing, specialist treatments to ensure your visit is exceptional. Our treatments include:

  • Massages

  • Facials

  • Manicure and pedicure

  • Gents’ treatments

  • Hair removal

  • … and more!


Caring for others is our passion, so we strive to ensure that everyone’s experience at Sol is special. We look forward to welcoming you!


Eyebrows $22
Chin $14
Lip $14
Lip and chin $24
Lip, chin and brows $42
Sides of face $20
Face wax $49
Top Half leg $31
Bottom half leg $27
Full leg $49
Full leg and bikini X $68 
Underarm $20
Forearm $28
Full arm $39
Eyebrows $27
Lip $17
Lip and chin $28
Half face $33
Full face $50
Bikini (Underwear line only) $25
Bikini XX (high bikini) $40
Brazilian XXX (all off) $50
Brazilian XXX (first time) $60
Chest $46
Back wax $46 
Chest and back $81 
Full leg $55
Eyebrow tint $22
Eyelash tint $28
Lash and brow tint $44 
Eyebrow wax and tint $39
Eyelash tint, Eyebrow tint & brow wax $60 
Elleebana Lash lift $85
Elleebana lash lift is a semi permanent lash treatment that gives your natural lashes the perfect curl with added definition. Treatment includes and eyelash tint and a mini hand massage.
Elleebana Lash lift combo 
Semi-permanent treatment on your lashes, with an eyebrow tint and shape, giving your eyes beautiful definition.
Henna Brow Design $50 
Henna creates a powdery finish which will last several days on the skin but the good part is it will last several weeks on the hair. Great for sparse grey or white eyebrows
Tanning $38
Full body spray tan using Sunesacpe. Sunescape is an Australian-owned sunless tanning range known for delivering natural-looking colour along with its signature tropical scent. It has 3 different shades Light, medium and dark.


Manicure $55

Cleanse & exfoliation of the hands, nails are shaped, cuticles tidied finishing with OPI Polish.

40 mins

Sol Spa manicure $77

Our signature hand treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation to remove impurities and dead cells, nails are shaped, cuticles tidied, then enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage, a nourishing mask is applied and as a final touch the nails are painted with OPI polish.

60 mins

Pedicure $66

Foot soak, exfoliation, heel rasping nails and cuticles clipped and tied and finished with OPI Polish

60 mins

Sol Spa pedicure $88

Your feet are soaked in warm water then gently cleansed & exfoliated, hard skin is reduced with foot rasping, nails and cuticles are tidied and shaped, enjoy a luxurious foot and leg massage, warm paraffin wax is then applied to soothe and hydrate, heated booties are worn to retain the warmth, toes are finished with OPI polish.

75 mins

Express paint $27.50

File and polish on fingers or toes

25 mins

Manicure with Shellac/Gel bottle Finish $55

A manicure finished with high performance, crystal shine nail colour with zero dry time.

55 mins

Pedicure with Shellac/Gel bottle Finish $55

A pedicure finished with a high performance, crystal shine nail colour with Zero dry time.

55 mins

Shellac removal $16.50

25 mins


Using natural essential oils we use gentle Swedish massage techniques to help induce  relaxation and reduce fatigued muscles.

Wellness Back, neck and shoulder massage $66 (30 minutes)

Wellness full body massage $99 (60 minutes)


Couples wellness back, neck and shoulder massage $116

Share the experience with your loved one or friend in our couples treatment room. 

Couples wellness full body massage  $172

Indian head massage $50 (25mins)

A beautifully relaxing massage that targets all places we hold most tension. 

Hot stone massage 75 mins $122

The hot stones will melt away your tension and promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement and use of smooth water heated basalt stones 


Pevonia salt glow $62

Aromatherapy Salt Glow to restore skin's radiant glow with an exfoliating sea salt enriched with Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, and Lavender. As these delightful aromas entice your senses, the body is gently polished, rendering skin silky-smooth and mineralized. 

Algae wrap $120

Starting with our silky skin exfoliation, your body will then be immersed with the detoxifying algae ,which aids in slimming by increasing metabolism and breaking down fat as a diuretic, after a warm shower soothing balms are applied to the skin.


De-ageing body wrap $130

Counteracts premature ageing & sun damage by delivering wrinkle smoothing & rejuvenating benefits. Starting with the salt mousse glow to deeply exfoliate, your skin is then drenched with the papaya wrap and completed with enriching body balms. This exquisite tropical wrap leaves you feeling drenched with enrichment.

Spa Escape package $104 (55 minutes) 

Combining a back, neck and shoulder massage combined with an Indian head massage - bliss 

Body Spa ritual package $240 (2 hour 30 minutes)

Combining the Pevonia salt glow full body exfoliation, algae body wrap with a Pevonia facial. 



 Jucie Immerison facial $106

Customising juice products, we aim to cleanse, exfoliate and to give your skin a strengthening massage using balms that will melt into your skin. Enjoy a skin quenching hand and arm massage whilst your masque is working. 

My Juice Blend facial

A juicy mix for your unique skin type. A combination of treatment peels are used to reset your skin function then a personalised mask is expertly blended and applied to the skin. Your custom mask formulation is then given to you to further treat your skin at home.

Juice Taster $56

Mini facial using skin juice will give your skin a burst of hydration. 


Zen berry peel $99

This super antioxidant rich treatment has the ability to help reduce sensitivity, while pure enzymes, lactic acid and vitamin C work together to exfoliate, brighten and plump the skin. Safe during pregnancy.


Plumping Pumpkin peel $99

Providing an instant glow, this peel re-balances, hydrates and feeds the skin all the goodness it requires using a blend of natural acids

Purifying Pineapple peel $99

A beautiful blend of natural AHA's and BHA's to combat problematic, acne prone, dehydrated & congested skins. 

Man Brew $106

A Fabulous natural range of skincare has been developed by skin juice especially for the Gents. It thoroughly cleanses, nourishes and protects the skin, and the facial leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed. 


Organic facial $126

Using the most powerful ingredients in skin care that come from the safest source- NATURE we will balance the skin . Containing Propolis(to heal & soothe) & algae (to cool & hydrate) this organic treatment will leave your skin refreshed & vibrant. idea for all skin types.


O2 Cloud $130 

A perfect introduction to image skin care; this luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and enzymes to give a luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Signature face lift $145

SKIN TYPES: Rosacea, Dull/tired, Dry/dehydrated, Smoker’s complexion and Premature aging This revolutionary signature facelift combines vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids and gentle enzymes to speed up cellular renewal to brighten, tighten and lighten you skin in just one treatment. New technology of centella stem cell extracts support redness-prone skin, while botanical detoxifying and energizing complexes ensure you will walk away with hydrated skin and a healthy complexion.


Vital C $120 

A perfect blend of vitamin C, peptides and anti-oxidants formulated for sensitive, red or irritated dry/dehydrated and environmentally damaged skin.

Illuma $150 

This facial combines the latest innovations in skin lighting
technology to prevent and correct all forms of hyper
pigmentation without drying your skin

Max stem cell $150

Perfect for the correction and prevention of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. This treatment can repair damaged DNA cells through plant derived stem cells and nutri-peptides.

Clear cell $155 

This facial combats all grades of acne. It combines powerful antibacterial peptides and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals



These Peels are designed to be had as a course of 6-8 treatments having one every 10-14 days. It is mandatory that skin is prepared with the correct products prescibed by us 2 weeks prior to the treatment. 

Acne lift $99

A potent blend of alpha- hydroxy acids blended with stems cells reduce blemishes and and diminish post breakout scarring/dark spots.

Wrinkle lift $99

This is an action packed treatment blending stem cells, glycolic acid and retinol. Fantastic at improving the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines, pigmentation and loss of elasticity within the skin.

Lightening $99

Using a blend of Kojic and lactic acid this peel gives your skin instant luminosity by reducing pigmentation, sun damage and dark spots.


Autumn offers coming soon!



"Emily did a wonderful facial & massage. Lovely salon, very relaxing. Highly recommend." Lisa

"Visited here for the first time and a lovely experience. Kimberly was lovely. Had a wonderful facial and massage. Very relaxing. Thanks. Will surely be coming back" -Sharon 

I had a pedicure and manicure this afternoon with Emily. As always it was a wonderful experience and her attention to detail is excellent. I have also enjoyed several facials with Emily and will be back again soon . Liz C

"Fantastic facial! Very relaxing, kind therapist and I left feeling energised with glowing skin." Bridie

Completely beautiful pedicure. Emily was gorgeous and the ambience is exactly what I crave in a spa experience. So relaxing and therapeutic. Looking forward to more treatments in the future. Faith

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238 Seaview Road

Henley Beach South

8235 9792



Tuesday    9am-5pm

Wednesday 9am-9pm

(6-9 by appointment only)

Thursday 9am-9pm

(6-9 by appointment only)

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 8am-3pm

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