Whilst the salon has to be closed, we are still  offering you the ability to purchase products online with us. This will be of huge support to us as a small business and it also means you get to maintain that amazingly healthy skin! 


In order to do this you can click the button below and email us or  you can head to 'contact us' in the top bar. We will need you to add your details it is essential you enter your phone number as this is how I will contact you for your delivery address and payment. The payment will be processed using my usual card terminal (this again reduces contact) and your receipt will automatically be sent to the phone number given. 

Your products will then be delivered to you by myself at no extra charge. Ensuring personal protective equipment  is used to keep exposure to a minimum. I will leave the products wherever directed by you to avoid contact.

I will do this for as long as the government allows me to. 

Any questions just email me. I'm learning as we go too!

I hope this is helpful for all of us, thank you.